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Happy Birthday Jax! [link]
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There is a NEW server password to access the server. Please message me for that new password.

Server Info:

Server Name: Dawn of the New Apocalypse A16 Stable PVE

Server IP

Query Port is 12002

Discord: https://discord.gg/0uy8OaV8YAMGZKeS


At 2pm Eastern today we will be opening our Vanilla A16 Stable Server. This server will be up for quite a bit of time as I work behind the scenes on a more modded server that will release somewhere down the road. Vanilla server will NOT be wiped by me unless it is because of an update made by Pimps or the server interest literally dies off.

Patch notes can be found here


At first there will be no set base or teleports/waypoints. This will be a pure Vanilla play through. As we play I wlecome everyone to make posts in our forums on things you want to see added or changed for our DONA Modded server.

Server Settings

90 minute days

Zombies will WALK all the time (except ferals obviously) for 14 Days to accomodate new players. on Day 15 they will be set to run at night.

Difficulty 3

Loot Respawn every 14 Days (21 hours in Game)

Air Drops every 5 Days (7 1/2 hours in Game)

Drop Backpack on Death


New Rules Are As Follows.

-At NO time can you place a claim block in ANY town or city.

-Wilderness POIs are fine for takeover BUT if a wilderness POI has a forge or a bench you may NOT claim it. All working benches and forges are for PUBLIC use.

-Absolutely NO beds or claims anywhere inside a skyscraper. You can place storage containers if you like anywhere in the world for later transporting.

-ANY duping will lead to an immediate ban

-PLEASE ensure you are not building on top of or directly next to others unless it is agreed on. Land is first come first serve. It is a huge map, spread out.

-No blocking roads.

-NO horde nights in town or skyscrapers. Doing horde at a wilderness POI is fine, but try not to use multiple ones as the map is only so big and we dont want every POI destroyed.

-It is advised if you take over a POI you place a sign outside so everyone knows it is occupied. If you need a sign I can provide one for you.


Server Modifications

We made a very small amount of changes to the server to keep things fair for you guys and provide a better experience. The changes do NOT require the launcher

-Simple UI Additions Food Water and Temp with XP Bar

-RWG fixes for bigger map and less mountains and more flat land and cities

-Radiated Zombies will now drop Loot that is worth fighting for. In Vanilla they dropped normal zombie loot. No More Empty Irradiateds

These are the ONLY changes I have made. Everything else is vanilla, although I was tempted to shut Rain off lol

A16 has been released to stable. Even though there are STILL multiple bugs and glitches Pimps decided to go full steam ahead with stable so our server will launch stable Thursday July 13th at 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

There will be no mods at first, although we are contemplating a very basic UI with no images or frills, just a food and water bar. Also  weill be using a custom RWG Mixer that allows for more flat land, and thus allows for more towns on our map. Other than that we are going to be strictly Vanilla. As we progress, we will decide on what kind of edits and mods we will be adding to a secondary server. So this server is going to be long term for the time being. Get those builds planned out and made. None of us really know how long until we all reach end game so unless the server becomes completely dead within a month or two there will be no wipes on my part (aside from anything Pimps may do I cant speak for 16.1 16.2 etc)

We will also not have any teleports or base commands. There may be  a town build in the future. Thats something we will discuss once people get settled in. All settings will be vanilla.

We will see everyone starting Thursday at 2:00pm est.

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